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Home of three competitive NoVA Boys Volleyball leagues

  • Elementary School (4th-6th Grades)
  • Middle School (6th-8th Grades)
  • High School (9th-12th Grades)

NoVA Boys Volleyball League

Arlington Wins the 2018 Boys Middle School League Championship

By Chuck Pruitt 11/11/2018, 10:15pm EST

During the highly contested Boys Middle School League playoff,  AYV-MS1 Arlington (Debok) emerged as the champions.  Congratulations to all 11 teams and over 110 boys who played during the Fall 2018 season.

Below are the top three teams

  1. AYV-MS1 Arlington (Debok) - Arlington
  2. MYV-MS1 Navy (Dimatulac) - McLean
  3. BRYC-MS1 (Eaton)

We look forward to seeing everyone back on the court next year.