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A Boy Wave is Crashing Onto Beach Volleyball

By Rob Fulton, 05/21/18, 6:45PM EDT


Record Turnout Thanks In Part to CHRVA's HP Beach Program

Interest in boys beach volleyball is exploding, as can be seen by greatly increased participation in recent beach volleyball tournaments. The 14U bracket in particular has seen a significant rise in competition, with over two dozen boys from indoor clubs like BRYC, TVP, WLVBC, MVP and OVC having competed in local beach doubles tournaments over the past month, and it's still early in the season.

In previous seasons, you'd be lucky to have one or two boys teams signed up, if any at all. However, thanks in large part to the CHRVA Regional High Performance (HP) Beach program, we're now seeing a noticeable increase in boys willing to make the jump from indoor to outdoor volleyball. The Chesapeake Cinco De Mayo Beach Regional Qualifier had three 16U teams and seven 14U teams, while this past weekend's Chesapeake Beachfest Beach Regional Qualifier had three 12U teams and another seven 14U teams.

As we head into June, boys will have an assortment of beach volleyball options from which to choose, including the Chesapeake Region Beach National QualifierTVA and V2 Virginia Beach tournaments, Coach Steve Beach Clinics and Tournaments, and even a few beach volleyball camps at the end of the month. All of those events and more can be found on our site's Calendar (click the "Show Tag Menu" link, and select "Boys Home" if you don't see any events displayed.)