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Fairfax County HS Boys Volleyball Update

By Rob Baily, 02/28/23, 10:30PM EST


Big things are happening! Your support is needed!

We have had  a lot of activity for Fairfax County boys high school volleyball in the past few weeks with more to come soon!  Students have spoken at school board meetings and have received positive responses from many of the school board members in attendance.   One of the school board members is meeting with Bill Curran, head of FCPS activities to discuss the possibility of advancing HS boys volleyball in Fairfax County.

Now comes the part where we need everyone's help!  The next school board meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 9th at 7 PM at Luther Jackson MS in Falls Church.   The plan is for more boys to speak and present their stories as to why boys volleyball should be allowed to move forward in FCPS schools.  What we need is:

  • A show of force!  We need as many students and parents out to show their support for boys volleyball!
  • Sign up to speak!  The more voices to be heard the better!  If you want to sign up go to  Anyone who wants to address the School Board may register to speak by submitting a request online at 6 am starting on the fourth business day before the next regular business meeting, so the morning of March 3 is when it will open.

Whether or not you are in high school yet it will still be helpful to have as many voices as possible speaking for the cause.

We hope to see you there!